Whether teaching a group or using as a self-study guide, this is the ministry training curriculum you need!

Being called by God into the ministry is an exciting time! Whether God has called you to lead or to serve alongside those jn leadership, you are a vital part of God's plan. However, being called is just the beginning of preparing for ministry. A calling does not mean you are automatically chosen, but rather it is an invitation to qualify yourself to be chosen and to be productive in ministry.

God is the One who places His ministry within us. He makes us one with Himself and His purpose for our lives. Ministry is not just something we do; ministry is who we are. This manual was created as a study guide to equip those going into the ministry with an understanding of what you are called to and the character God is looking for in your personal and ministry life to move from being called into being CHOSEN!

Jim McIver's Work In Haiti

We're building dreams and changing futures in the nation of Haiti. Jim McIver is the founder and president of Love Haiti's Children Orphanage, a missions organization with a home base in the USA and on the ground in Archaie, Haiti.  In March of 2015 we purchased 1 acre of land in Archaie, Haiti, and immediately began to build. Fast forward to March of 2020 WE ARE FINALLY OPEN....This compound will initially take care of 16 children, and be a distribution center to other orphanages! Love Haiti's Children Orphanage provides lots of love, counseling, spiritual guidance, housing, food, clothing, health care and education (including English) to the children. The children will be taught job skills to prepare them for life in Haitian society after being an orphan....

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