Welcome to School of Faith

Purpose of this school:
Prepare to receive!
This is a school of learning, training, and encountering the Supernatural power of the Holy Spirit!  You will be taught and trained to understand and operate in faith and in the Supernatural power of God.  You will grow in faith, healings, and miracles!  You will be trained to minister healing to others.  Some things will be taught, and some things will be caught! Faith, healing, and miracles are not automatic!  You need a faith teacher!
Reminder: Learning to live by faith and access the supernatural is a process. Don’t quit!
Bishop Jim McIver is the school facilitator and has nearly fifty years of experiences and encounters in supernatural ministry.  He was born again December 12, 1970 and baptized in the Holy Spirit and called to ministry in 1971. Jim McIver has ministered nationally and internationally.  His many platforms of ministry have been television, radio, auditoriums, tents, churches, and community centers.  Thousands have been saved, healed, delivered, baptized in the Holy Spirit. Bishop McIver takes great pleasure in ministering to smaller churches, groups, and areas where the larger ministries cannot visit.    

We are a nine-month faith, healing, and miracle school.
Classes will be once a month on a Wednesday evening.
Classes will be approximately two hours (7pm-9pm).
Teaching will be approximately 45-50 minutes with a question-and-answer session.
Students will receive prayer with the laying on of hands at the Facilitator’s discretion.
We will study the Word and the Spirit of God:
Syllabus will be given to the students at the beginning of each class session.
To learn and grow, it is imperative that each student pray and study these teachings.
These teachings are strategically planned and taught in the best interest of the student.
Although it is not imperative, we may suggest a book to read to enhance your learning.
As we journey through this life on earth, we will need Faith, Healing and Miracles!
Be prepared.  Establish standards in your life.  When the enemy comes, Holy Spirit will raise up that standard against him. The standard God uses is the authority of His Spirit and truth of His Word!  Spend time with the Word of God until it becomes LIFE in you!

School of Faith Registration

It is important to register in advance so that we can prepare your
notebook with your name, school information and class syllabus.  

Please print the registration form and mail 
it in with your registration fee:

REGISTRATION FEE: $20/per Class:
• Payments must be made prior to the class
• Cash, check, or money order is accepted

Checks or money orders made out to:
Jim McIver , PO Box 8773 Allentown, Pa. 18105