Man's Responsibility to His Wife and Children

A word of direction and encouragement for men. Never stop trying!  Never give up!  Never quit!!  Christ loves us and wants the best for us!  Be the best you can be!  

1 Corinthians 11:3 But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.
1. A Priest
Every man must offer spiritual nourishment to his wife and family. He should attend church services, lead the reading of scripture, praying with & pray for his family. At all times the man’s family should know that they can depend on him.  The man stands before God as a priest on behalf of his family. It is tragic when the man of the house has no reverence for God. Many children are running wild for a lack of dad’s love & guidance.
2. A Prophet
When a man understands the depth of being a prophet to his family, he cares about the words he says to his wife and children. A man should learn to prophesy/speak positive things to the present and future of his wife and family. He must see the potential in them and speaks God’s wisdom/blessing and favor into their lives. If a husband/father discover a weakness in his family, he must strengthen it.  If a man has to correct, he should always do it in love and never be harsh and condemning.
3. Be Present and Involved
A responsible husband/dad is present and involved in the lives of his wife and children. Many men are in the house, but are not present, not attentive, not involved. That is tragic! Regardless of his job, a responsible man will always create time to be with his family. He will also seek ways to be involved in their lives.  A responsible man will know the affairs of his wife and children and who is influencing their lives.  Husbands!  Your wives need you!  Men/dads, be the example!  Be the example of the kind of man you would want your daughter to marry!  Be the example of the the kind of man, dad and husband that your son should be.  
4. A Provider
A man’s divine role is to be a provider for his family. There is no exception to that rule! A responsible man will work smart and hard to ensure that the needs of his family are met. Many women work and have great incomes, but there should be an understanding that they are a team and not competitors.  A husband and wife may combine their income for the needs of the family, but the man must never quit his job and take advantage of his wife.  Men, work, work, work!  Be the provider in your home!
5. A Protector
There is a responsibility, desire and capability put in men by God to protect his wife and family. A responsible man protects his family from the dangers of this world. When life gets tough a responsible man doesn’t run away but instead girds himself and leads his wife and family through the dangers and tough times. A responsible man shields his wife and kids from the dangers of fake friends or enemies. This teaching is a reality check on what it takes for a man to add value to the woman and the children in his life. No more excuses, we guys must “man up” and take ownership of our responsibilities. Let’s do it!
6. A Lover
Loving our wife and family is a requirement, but us loving them is really a privilege! Love is a sign of surrender, maturity, respect, mercy and selflessness.  When we guys can love our families without reasons, it is because we have been influenced by the greatest lover of all, Jesus Christ!  As the head, agape love should flow through us first!  Husbands/dads, love your wives and your children!  Be Kind!

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