The Place of God

I was at the airport, heading for North Carolina.  It had been raining, it was dreary and overcast.  Visibility was not good at all.  We boarded the plane, the pilot taxied out to the run way and we waited our turn for take off.  The pilot keep the engine revved up all along the way.  Finally, our plane was cleared for take off.  The pilot revved up the engines full throttle and down the runway we went.  As we were ascending, the pilot came on and said we would be ascending to 38,000 feet.

Usually when I get on the plane, I adjusted my body as well as possible and go off to dream land. On this trip, I was sitting next to the isle and there was no-one next to me, I loved it!

As I was about to close my eyes, it got really bright outside. It was a little bumpy as we were ascending through the clouds, but in only a few minutes there it was, the sun, as bright as ever. I sat right up, had some awesome thoughts, got my pen and paper out and began to write. I thought, it is amazing how clear it is up here. What a difference a few minutes and being on the right vehicle can make!  Up here, the sun is out (It’s always shining somewhere) and it is as clear as can be, but down below it is still damp, overcast and dreary.  

God spoke to me to tell His people to quit stressing over their gloomy, overcast situations and come up on another level where you belong (Ephesians 1:19-23; Ephesians 2:4, 5).  God is always the same, Many times He is just on a different level than we are. He is trying to get us to take our relationship and experience with Him on the level He is on, His yoke is easy.

Just as that plane’s engines were revved up and it took effort to get to 38,000 feet, it’s the same way with us. We have to get our spiritual engines revved up in the word of God, prayer, praise and worship.  Make no mistakes my friend, it takes effort to move to a higher place.

I've heard people say, I am not growing, I am not satisfied, I am not feeling God!  Maybe so, but it is your responsibility to move to another level. Even if you are in a Spirit filled, word preaching church, don’t blame the Church or your leader for your problems or lack of growth. You have to contact the air traffic controller (Holy Spirit) and get clearance to move to another level that has less turbulence. Sometimes you may have to go ten thousand feet higher to get above the storm and the overcast. You must do something about your situation!

Some people get depressed because they think and do the same things over and over, but expect a different results.  That insanity!  Jude 20 and Ephesians 5:19 says; speak, sing and make melody to yourself.  Philippians 4: 8, 9 even tells us what to think on.  It doesn't get any better than that!  If you start stressing, getting uptight and the pressure starts building, stop! Ask yourself; am I putting the word of God in action with a positive confession? Am I putting forth effort to move to another place?  If you are not, you must change your focus from your trouble to your praise!

Sometimes we may think that someone else has to change or our circumstance has to change. There are times when God will use the circumstances to change us. Once we are changed, we will change our circumstance!

Are you praising, singing, worshiping, declaring the Word of God and speaking to yourself to ascend to a higher place where there is less turbulence?  Go ahead, rev up your Spiritual engine!  Your praise, worship, singing and declarations of faith will give you clearance and move you above the gloomy overcast, through the clouds, above the turbulence and to the place of God!  In His presence is fullness!!

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