Called To The Ministry

2 Timothy 4:5 (NLT) But you should keep a clear mind in every situation. Don't be afraid of suffering for the Lord. Work at telling others the Good News, and fully carry out the ministry God has given you.
The Call
How serious is the call of God; Luke 9:57-62?  
God doesn’t take back His calling; Romans 11:29  
Our calling is holy; 2 Timothy 1:8, 9.  
Stir up the gifts; 2 Timothy 1:5-7
Make full proof of your ministry; 2 Timothy 4:1-5.
Instructions For Those called To Ministry.  
The moment you make the public announcement that you are called and licensed to be a minister your life has changed forever.  You will no longer be only a layperson sitting in the pew.  You will have stepped into a greater purpose and more responsibility.  Once the announcement has been made, you cannot take it back.  There is no way to un-ring a bell or un-bark a dog!  Once the proclamation has been made, you are viewed as a minister of Jesus Christ.  You are then a spokesman of the word and Spirit of God.  You have moved to a position of example/leader.  Your life will be on display before the Church and the world.  More will be expected of you than ever before.  A call to the ministry is not just a platform to tell someone what to do, it is a call to speak on the Lord's behalf and humbly serve others.
Your life as a Godly example before others will be a greater message than you will ever stand behind a pulpit and preach.  But, when you do stand to speak on the Lord’s behalf, be sure to get your facts and the truth straight!  When you stand to speak, every eye will be watching and every ear will be listening.  People are seeking for answers and they rightfully expect the minister to have a word from the Lord for them.
The Bible is its own guide, explains itself and speaks for itself.  The bible does not speak what the minister wants it to say.  The Bible speak what is from the heart of God.  Always minister what the word of God says, don’t try to change it for the sake of the people.
True ministry is a life of sacrifice, not just glamour.  If after the sacrifices, glamour comes, so be it.  In the ministry, you are not a contestant performing on a game show.  We are contending for souls for Christ!  At times you will not be very popular because you would have wounded someone's "sacred cow."  
Never demand or "go fishing" for a compliment.  Some people will compliment you, some won't.  Receiving a compliment is not what really matters.  Just minister a word of faith, wisdom and understanding and leave the rest to the Lord.  Always have your message and gifts wrapped in the love of God.
As a minister, a greater demand will be placed on your time, your money and your privacy.  When others won’t serve or say they don’t have time, you will be required to do it, without complaining.  As a minister, you are no longer your own!  You must do whatever it takes to advance the Kingdom of God.  If you are asked to do minimal things, do it cheerfully and wait on the Lord to promote you (Psalms 75:5-7).  
If others don’t or won’t give to support the vision of the house (Church) or when your Pastor ask for a special offering for a particular project, you must immediately be willing to give, even if you have to rearrange other things.  Be ready because you will be the one the Lord will call on to give.  Your finances should always be in order.  You should always be willing to sow into the ministry that is equipping you and providing you a platform for ministry.  As you give to support the vision of the house you are a part of, God’s purpose and His destiny for your life will be fulfilled.  
As a minister of the gospel, people will seek you out as never before for prayer, counseling, directions for their lives or to complain about leadership or someone else in the Church.  Don’t be manipulated or deceived, don't do it.  Stop it.  Don't entertain people's complaints about the leader or others in the church. Many of these same people have already been to leadership and did not get the answer they wanted, so they will try you out.  Some people haven’t gone to leadership because they know what the answer will be.  Let the complaining, backbiting and gossiping "buck" stop with you.  Be kind, but always protect the leaders and other church members.  Emphasize our core values and the culture of your Church.  
Even if you are a licensed minister never try to speak on behalf of leadership concerning things you are not sure of.  Never answer manipulating/divisive questions that people are sure to bring to you.  Don’t allow people to bring division between you and your leader and between you and other church members.  Say to them, let's pray.   Be aware of the company you keep.        
Pray and develop a passion to bring people to Jesus Christ.  You can only convince men of Christ to the extent that you know Him.  Spend time in prayer and in the word of God until you have come to revelation of Jesus Christ.  The revelation of Christ is the Way the Truth and Life!    
Pray for the sick and the afflicted and expect healing and miracles.  Seek Christ in His word and the anointing and gifts will follow.  God's purpose is to win us and others to Himself!  Remain humble when miracles and healing manifest.  

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